Joyce B.

I had my right shoulder done about 3 months ago,

I did about 2 months of physical therapy and I have been doing great. My shoulder feels fine, you can barely see the scar, it’s fantastic. I had 3 little bitty scars and that’s it. I’m feeling great, Dr. Darr is good. His workers are very good, all the nurses are good. I feel fine and I am so happy to have him as my doctor.

Beau T.

ARP Wave therapy accelerated the healing process. My knee hyper extended and dislocated. I could hardly walk; I had to stop powerlifting.

After two weeks of ARP therapy I was able to walk without a knee brace and the pain subsided tremendously. Dr. Darr and his staff went above and beyond my expectations on our first visit. Dr. Darr explained everything to us and even performed a procedure right then and there to help with the pain. Everyone in the office is extremely helpful and friendly. Our entire household has been treated at Covington Orthopedic. We ONLY recommend Covington Orthopedic because of the staff, doctors, and state of the art technology. We feel like family here and it is always hard to say goodbye on our discharge date. You cannot say that these days about many places, but Covington Orthopedic is an exception.

Carol C.

After ARP wave, I have more strength in my knees and the ability to rise and sit.

My walking has also improved. The amount of time Dr. Darr spent with me and his enthusiasm stand out to me. To a friend looking for a doctor, I would say Dr. Darr is caring and has state-of-the-art treatments.

Shelby R.

I had PRP injection and I feel that this procedure dramatically accelerated my recovery from a tibia plateau fracture. I was off crutches

and cane in just 4 weeks. Dr. Darr was very diligent, patient, and answered all of my questions thoroughly. Patients should expect very professional care from all personnel at Covington Orthopaedic from support staff to Dr. Darr

Rose C.

The PRP injection in my knee was the best thing that ever happened to me. After 4 months, I am 200% better and can get on the floor

and play with my grandchildren again.

Terese R.

Have the PRP procedure done to my knee was life changing. Before coming to Dr. Darr for this issue, my previous doctor was

ready to operate on my knee to help with my pain. Dr. Darr’s PRP made surgery unnecessary. Dr. Darr always greets you with a smile and a handshake. He lets you know all of your options for care and he lets you choose which one you’d like to go with. Never any pressure. I always recommend Dr. Darr to those inquiring or complaining about knee pain. I hand out his cards on a regular basis.

Robert W.

After having combined cellular therapy, I have less pain and am able to carry out various activities of daily life with improved quality of life.

Dr. Darr carefully explained the procedure and carried it out with very minimal discomfort. Dr. Darr is a very involved and caring physician using state of the art technology to improve his patients’ quality of life.

Awn L.

Before having Cell Therapy, I could not stand with all weight on my left knee and it hurt to put on socks.

Now, 1 year later, I can stand on it and walk further. My pain while sleeping has improved, it is easier to get in and out of the bathtub and car. It used to be painful just to walk around the house, now I can walk around without pain. I can now sit Indian style, with knees bent. Everyone here is very nice. I am very happy to not have to have surgery any more. I would recommend Dr. Darr, he is very good.

Lee S.

Combined cell therapy allowed me to continue the activities and job I enjoy. Prior to the procedure 1 year ago,

I had pain and limited movement in my knee, which prevented many jobs from being possible. The doctor and staff were very friendly and helpful. Dr. Darr seems genuinely concerned about my condition.

I have recommended Dr. Darr and the cell therapy procedure to many friends-highly recommended.”

Betty S.

I highly recommend doing the stem cell procedure to correct whatever knee difficulties you’re having.

The thing that gets me the most about it is that I don’t understand why the insurance companies won’t pay for it. As a patient, my recovery time was less, I suffered less, and it’s just wonderful. I’m doing things this year that I couldn’t do last year. I’m very pleased with all of the results.

James C.

After having cell therapy on my knees a year ago, I have a lot more mobility.

I could hardly get in and out of a vehicle before and now that is no problem. Dr. Darr provided great quality of care and I have already sent quite a few of my friends to him.

Charles S.

I had cell therapy done by Dr. Darr to my left knee. Before, I couldn’t run,

I was in pain all the time, and it would swell really big. I started seeing a difference after about 6 months and I could run, I wasn’t in pain, and it didn’t swell. It used to wake me up at night now it doesn’t wake me up at all or hurt at night. It’s a real big success, I’m really happy with it.

Michael M.

I had the cell therapy procedure in my knee. The shots are no fun, but it made all the difference.
Before, I couldn’t walk up 2 steps and I couldn’t sleep at night. Afterwards, I could do steps with no problem, I can walk all day, sleeping is no problem, getting in and out of cars no problem, bathroom etc. It’s been one year since I had it done and it’s like a miracle cure I guess. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Christian B

I injured my shoulder playing baseball and was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get it back to playing shape. With the help from ARP wave along with tradition therapy I now can throw pain free and have increased range of motion. I highly recommend the ARP wave to speed up the recovery process and become pain free.  There was constant care during my treatment of the ARP wave. They were always there to motivate you and make sure you are doing it right. They give you a lot of confidence during the process. I would tell them that Dr. Darr is a very hands on doctor that truly cares about the wellness of his patients and wants nothing but for them to be better. Also, you will feel equally confident with anyone else in the office.

Ryan H.

I was recently treated for a knee injury that I suffered about a year or so ago. About one year ago I suffered a skiing accident in which I had a complete patellar dislocation and a cartilage fringe. That cartilage fringe turned into a cartilage a lot of cartilage degeneration. I had 2 very big gashes in my articular cartilage in my right knee.  I went to Dr. Darr, Dr Darr suggested that he perform a micro fracture surgery on my knee, which is a little older procedure that has become redefined through medical technology and imagine. Last December I did micro fracture surgery there at the end of the year. Lots of common side effects like swelling and couldn’t do much after the surgery. Dr. Darr also went in and did the stem cell therapy. This involved taking fat cells and bone marrow and injecting them into my knee.  The main reason they did this was after I had the initial injury that was back in February previous that led into continuous joint pain as the knee cartilage there was going away. There was cartilage that was moving around in my knee that was causing random spikes of pain whether it is during yard work, dancing, running, anything like that. So I recovered fully from the initial injury, but I was still having pain that’s when we went in and did the micro fracture surgery.  So they went in and did the surgery. They did the stem cell therapy 3 weeks later or so right after you would probably get going ago, you get a little bit of recovery from that first original surgery .They did this stem cell therapy, you have to kind of wait and let the recovery happen and go to physical therapy. The recovery after was fantastic. There was an event I wanted to go to at the end of March. I was there and to go there and just enjoy myself, lots of walking with no pain, very mild discomfort and many daily activities. I really enjoyed how fast the recovery time was after. I was very surprised, Dr. Darr was surprised. For reference I am 24 years old, I was injured when I was 23 so I am a bit on the younger side. If anyone was injured while they were younger, I would say definitely go to dr. darr. He is definitely understanding of the sports injury, outdoor adventures and all. He is very patient with his patients. He was very open answering lots of questions and any concerns you have. For example ‘why do you recommend this? Why does this go into this? What exactly goes into this surgery?’  He was absolutely fantastic and enjoyed 1. Talking to him and talking to his nurse. I should also mention that I had the ARP Wave procedure done. It is a physical therapy, but it is strong and enduring, you push yourself and you have a high protein diet to get that muscle mass growing, but it saves a lot of physical therapy time. It was difficult at times, but once you push through it is fantastic the results you have after it. You only do about 10 sessions or so, but it is worth those 10 consecutive sessions are worth about 4 or 5 weeks of physical therapy. It saved a lot of time and helped me get back on my feet that much faster. I definitely would recommend Dr. Darr and his associates for any sort of stem cell treatment.”

Joyce F.

I am now able to sleep on right shoulder. I have complete movement with no pain. In my right knee, I have full range of motion; I now can walk up and down stairs without pain, as well as going for a swim or squatting. In my left knee, I have complete range of motion with no stiffness. I can walk up and down stairs with very little discomfort, no pain sitting! I would tell a friend or anyone who wanted to check into cell therapy treatment to consider Dr. Darr first! Easy to get an appointment right away and his assistant shows as much concern and kindness as Dr. Darr. I have even discussed the cell therapy procedure with interested people on an airplane.

Ryan H.

I was treated for my right knee after a skiing accident. I had random sharp pain and lost my confidence. Now I am able to dance or do yard work pain free again. The medical care provided was very open to answering questions and spent lots of time even in his busy schedule. Darr is fantastic; helpful after injury and for surgery preparation.

Faye R.

The ARP Wave helped to fire my muscles to work better and harder. There has been a drastic improvement in my ability to perform jobs in the kitchen, garden, and self care (dressing, hair care, reaching, caring, and using utensils). The quality of care stands out to me. Dr. Darr spends an adequate amount of time with patients, but the quality of that time is more important. He takes time to answer all your questions. I would say to anyone that he is the best or one of the best in his fields.

Carl Q.

I went from extreme knee pain to nearly none. After combined cell therapy and the ARP wave, my confident range of motion is nearly 100%.

I went from being incapable of jumping to jumping. This easily makes me feel 20 years younger.

Outstanding staff and great care. If you have mobility problems, come here. I can really see why athletes have been using this therapy for the last several years.

Susan B.

Both Knees were done with stem cell therapy with good results and staff was excellent with explaining the procedure and ARP wave therapy after 6 weeks of stem cell. The procedure to me was very well explained to me from the very beginning and to the very end. The quality of care was super efficient. I would suggest anyone who has the beginning of osteoarthritis in the knee to try this procedure first. Dr. Darr was very informative about this procedure. The staff was also very helpful in explain the details of the procedure