When Should You See an Orthopedic Doctor?

When Should You See an Orthopedic Doctor?

An orthopedic specialist is a medical professional who primarily deals with conditions involving your muscles, joints, and bones. Of course, orthopaedic doctors are not the only physicians trained to help you with your musculoskeletal needs, as other specialists including neurologists, physical therapists, rehabilitation doctors, and many others are qualified for different aspects of musculoskeletal care. Read on to find out when your situation calls for an orthopaedic specialist!

Orthopedic doctors are crucial for situations including muscle, joint, or bone pain that has come about from an injury, as well as pain in the knee and hip due to age or injury. Osteoarthritis also calls for an orthopaedic doctor’s attention, in addition to arthritis in one’s hip, knee or elbow. If you are experiencing pain in your back or neck, an orthopaedic doctor is also able to help.

If you suffer from chronic pain, numbness, or experience headaches along with pain in your neck or back, you may also require the services of a neurologist. If your condition was the result of a sporting injury, you may also want to consider reaching out to a physical therapist or sports medicine physician.

In summary, an orthopedic specialist should be your first stop if you experience pain stemming from muscles, joints (especially but not limited to the hip and knees) and your bones. A specialist like Dr Kevin Darr will be able to advise you on the best action to take for your situation. Contact us today to learn more.

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