The Importance of Exercise

The Importance of Exercise

Exercise, very important. Not just running, or weight training, but also yoga and pilates as well.

Dr. Kevin Darr is a firm believer that getting the body moving, stretching, flexing, is vital to health. In this post, we discuss its importance. However, at any time you wish to discuss getting healthier, or want to partake in exercise that is suited to you (not matter what your condition), please contact Dr. Darr, Covington’s best http://www.

Why Is Yoga or Pilates Good?

Here are some points to show why flexibility exercises are beneficial:

  • It’s less stress on the joints.
  • It’s great for flexibility, strength, balance.
  • It teaches effective breathing techniques.
  • It helps with stress and emotional well-being.

Why is Aerobic Activity Good?

You want to keep your heart healthy with aerobic exercises. Whether you’re an athlete or not, aerobic activity increases your endurance. As a result, you can perform better in everything, whether it be work, sports, school, etc. There’s all these benefits to exercise. Good examples of aerobic activity include:

  • walking or jogging (treadmill or not)
  • biking
  • swimming

What About Strength Training?

Weight training can help keep your muscles strong. Strong muscles take the load off the joints. There’s less stress across the knee, for example; by keeping your knees strong, the muscle absorbs more of the stress rather than the joint.

Overall, you want to have a balance of all types of exercise. There’s less chance of injury with people who have strong muscles and are flexible.

For more information on health and getting assessed for which exercises are appropriate for any injury or condition, contact Dr. Kevin Darr today. Call (985) 590-5503. 

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