Don D.

No more pain or hip giving out on me. The medical care was very professional and great service.

Joe L.

I had the combined stem cell procedure done approximately a year ago.

At the time I was having a lot of difficulty going up and down stairs and having a lot of pain in my knee and some swelling.

Since then, with the follow-ups I have a lot less pain I my knee and can go up and down stairs and mobility is dramatically increased. I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone having difficulty with their knee.

Sylvia S.

I had a total hip replacement of my right hip after 3 years of debilitation pain and an inability to walk for very long, garden, or exercise like I had been doing. I came to Dr. Darr after researching and talking to several people who either knew him or knew of him and highly recommended him. Dr. Darr offered several options for dealing with the pain and after much consideration by me and my family I opted for total hip replacement. I am now almost a year and a half out from surgery and aside from a little weakness in my hip I am able to walk for hours, exercise once again, do my gardening and sit without pain. Dr. Darr spent quite a lot of time with me during that first appointment explaining the different procedures he is able to provide.  I felt that he had a genuine interest in getting me back on my feet and appreciated that he did not pressure me into any one procedure but game me time to go away and make up my own mind. I was nervous about being admitted to a smaller hospital (Fairway Medical Center) but it was explained to me that since this is a surgical center the environment is more sterile than at a larger hospital where all types of cases are admitted. The care there was very good. My home care and therapy was extensive and I was back on my feet in about five days; after two weeks I was back to being able to manage on my own. Follow-up with Dr. Darr has given me time to ask questions that pop up along the way. This, in my opinion, is a stellar orthopedic practice. Having worked in medicine I fully appreciate a large practice such as this one that is enormously busy but runs smoothly and has that quality that makes the patient feel like they are the only patient. This is a credit to the ideal treatment model that Dr. Darr has envisioned and executed. I have referred others to Dr. Darr because he is thorough and can offer a whole host of services that other practices do not. He values research which is always of benefit to the future treatment of orthopedic problems. He is also a very skilled surgeon who made such a great improvement in my quality of life. I will always be grateful to him for the good care he has given to me. My family was also very impressed with him when he spoke to them after my surgery was over.

Raymond St.

I was able to return the range of motion in my right leg following a right total hip replacement. I did physical therapy without pain. I was appreciative of the amount of time in preparation and expectation of the necessary treatment and what to expect. I would tell my friends that there was no other choice than Dr. Darr and Covington Orthopedic.

Daniel F.

Before surgery I was unable to lift my right leg, bend over, climb a ladder, walk for any amount of time and was always in pain. After surgery I have full range of motion, I can do anything without pain and I feel like the energizer bunny; I can keep going and going and don’t tire. Dr. Darr was very thorough. He said follow his instruction to a tee and I’d be great after and I am. If you want it done right, without worry, see Dr. Darr.

Lilburne S.

After hip replacement surgery I have no pain. I am able to do most activities without pain. Medical care was perfect. By all means go to the Darr if you need orthopedic care.

Sherie M.

I had severe right shoulder pain. I was unable to play tennis or sleep. I am totally pain free ad able to return to all of my previous activities. I am sleeping well also. I received excellent care. Dr. Darr spent a lot of time with me and treated my issue quickly and efficiently. He is a great doctor and extremely knowledgeable! He is also a great listener and very kind.