Dr. Darr is committed to providing his patients with comprehensive, progressive orthopedic care, including today’s most innovative and best practices to achieve optimal orthopedic function and performance. Dr. Darr believes in the body’s natural ability to heal itself and he keeps abreast of the latest advances and research related to orthopedic and sports medicine. Dr. Darr only uses surgery when all other methods of treatment have been exhausted. For patients in need of surgery, Dr. Darr uses traditional orthopedic treatments and minimally invasive surgery utilizing state of the art technology and integrative orthobiologic therapies and treatments.

Orthopedic surgery comes in many forms. They include joint replacements, arthroscopy, and more. Dr Kevin Darr is a highly experienced surgeon with over a decade of professional medical experience. Many patients in the Covington and Metairie, Louisiana areas have been helped by Dr Darr’s expertise as a surgeon and a physician. Patients in the Covington and Metairie, Louisiana areas who think their condition may be improved with surgery are encouaged to reach out and schedule a consultation with Dr Darr. He is always happy to help patients decide whether surgery is right for their condition.

Orthopedic surgery is not something that should be decided lightly by a patient. An experienced surgeon such as Dr Darr at Covington Orthopedic and Sports Medicine is the first step in ensuring that patients get the treatment they need and the outcomes they deserve.

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