Robots in the Surgery Room?

Robots in the Surgery Room?

Medical technology has advanced to such an extent that there is so much we can do in the operating room, with greater precision, better outcomes, and quality results. A lot of this is due to the improvements in tools and equipment we use in surgery. One of the most cutting-edge ones we are proud of at Covington Orthopedic is the use of Stryker’s Mako robotic unit for our joint replacement surgeries.

The Stryker Mako is a robotic arm that aids the surgeon in partial and total knee and hip replacement surgeries. Contrary to what you may think, the robot doesn’t replace Dr Darr but is controlled by him, allowing for more precise positioning, movement, and finer procedures.

To use the Mako, we take a CT scan of your joint and upload it to the Mako robotic arm unit to generate a 3D model that helps us see precisely where to operate and to build a surgical plan tailored to you. The surgeon will guide the arm to make incisions where needed, allowing access to areas that non-robotic surgery doesn’t allow. The robot does not do anything on its own and is only ever guided and controlled by the surgeon.

The Mako has been proven to improve patient outcomes in many studies. One found that the re-admission rate for patients who underwent surgery with the Mako decreased by 36% within 30 days of the surgery, and 17% within 90 days of the surgery.

At Dr Darr’s clinic, we are proud to be using the latest in medical technology to improve surgical outcomes for our patients. If you are looking for a skilled surgeon keeping up with the latest trends in orthopedic surgery, contact us today to book a consultation.

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