Football Season & The Injuries That Come With It

Football Season & The Injuries That Come With It

We want to touch here on knee injuries, which include Anterior Cruciate Ligament tears, medial collateral ligament tears, lateral collateral ligament tears and meniscal tears, and other cartilage injuries. These injuries are very common in football. Other injuries involve hamstring strains, ankle sprains, shoulder contusions, and so forth.

When football players throw, catch, block, and carry the ball Labral or cartilage tears in the shoulder can occur. An athlete can fall, hurt the shoulder, and it could pop out of joint. Dislocation or instability of the shoulder can also occur.

These injuries can be treated with a variety of methods. At Covington Orthopedic, in Louisiana, Dr. Kevin Darr is a board certified orthopedic and regenerative medicine surgeon. His experience with sports injuries has allowed him to identify when which treatment would be appropriate, based on his through assessment that he conducts with each consultation.

Dr. Darr uses various types of cell therapy, stem cells, and PRP to treat sports injury. Surgery may be needed for ligament, cartilage, and tendon tears that are resistant to conservative treatment options.

Of course, not all injuries are serious or career-ending; however, it is important to consider ways to prevent damage to the joints and to take steps to ensure proper healing, if and when these injuries do occur.

Football is a fun sport, to watch and play. To ensure you are taking proper precautions, and getting the most effective treatment for your sports injury, contact Dr. Kevin Darr for more information. www.

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