Finding Balance in 2019 with ARP Therapy

Finding Balance in 2019 with ARP Therapy

As 2019 is underway, you may have made a number of resolutions. Is maximizing your exercise and athletic performance one of them? Have you been riddled with an injury in the past and nervous about what treatment, or surgery, will be coming down the path?

There may be room for balance between getting the proper treatment and care, and still doing the things you love most.

We encourage you to look into ARP Wave Therapy. Which we offer, here at Covington Orthopedic, with Dr. Kevin Darr.

What is ARP?
It stands for Accelerated Recovery Performance (ARP). It is a device which is used in the treatment of muscle injuries and pain, and is approved by the FDA.

This form of therapy utilizes a system of technology and protocols that uses a patented bio-electrical current simultaneously with active range-of-motion and other exercise techniques to speed up the body’s natural recuperative ability.

When is ARP Useful?
There are a few reasons you may find ARP useful, or reasons why you may, in fact, need it: such as if you are an athlete looking for performance training and optimal muscle function; or a post-surgical rehabilitation. These are two examples where it may be useful.

The main reasons why ARP is so effective is because:

  • it helps to restore muscle balance
  • it teaches joints to move in their natural range of motion
  • after treatment, patients report being able to complete basic daily tasks pain free.

Book A Consultation
The best way to assess if this treatment is for you if your muscle injury or pain can benefit from ARP Wave Therapy is to book a consultation. You may find that it is the long-time answer you have been looking for. If so, it can help bring a lot of balance into your life, allow you to resume activities and routines on your terms, and have this year start on the right foot.

Please note: If undergoing ARP Wave therapy, Dr. Darr will have certain instructions as a protocol, and we suggest a minimum of 11 treatments.

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