Body Composition Scans

Body Composition Scans at Covington Orthopedic

Whether you are looking to track your health goals and progress with the utmost precision, or want to find out your risk of cardiovascular disease and Type 2 Diabetes, a body composition scan is the best way to identify your weight as accurately as possible.

A body composition scan is performed using minimal x-ray scanning that lasts just a few minutes. The results are immediately available to you and your doctor for analysis.

Why get a body composition scan? 

Using regular bath scales and the body mass index doesn’t give you the full picture – it tells you how much you weigh, but it doesn’t take into account how much of your body is bone, muscle, and fat.

With an x-ray view of your body, we are able to identify the lean mass, fat mass, and body fat percentage of your body and then divide the results based on regions of your body – your abdomen, hips, torso, and each individual limb. This allows us to measure exactly how much fat is around your organs to assess your risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, so you can learn the best ways to prevent a life-altering condition long before it occurs.

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