An Overview of A2M injections

An Overview of A2M injections

An A2M injection‌ uses A2M or alpha-2-macroglobulin, which is a non-immunoglobulin protein available in plasma protein that is extracted from your own blood. Because of its promising effects, doctors believe that this treatment can prevent osteoarthritis at the molecular level. Research has found that human blood’s very own alpha-2-macroglobulin has the capability to remove the destructive enzymes or proteases that damage cartilage cells and tissues in the joint space. True enough, many patients who have received A2M injection have reportedly felt relief from pain and feel no inflammation after the treatment.

How is the A2M injection done?

A2M injection is a simple injection procedure that promises non-invasive and less-painful treatment. It is somehow similar to PRP injection wherein the patient’s blood is drawn and then prepared in a centrifuge to separate A2M from the plasma. Once the doctor has the concentrated A2M injection, it will now be infused once again into the damaged areas like the knees, shoulders, and back. The A2M binds to the chemical compounds formed in the joints to deactivate their degenerative impact and remove bad enzymes that destroy cartilage.

Should you get an A2M injection for arthritis?

Just because you suffer from arthritis or osteoarthritis doesn’t automatically mean that the doctor will allow you to undergo A2M treatments. Your medical history must be closely examined before anything else. To be a candidate for A2M injection, you must be in good overall health. It is also important to verify that your joint pain is related to arthritis and not some other serious condition. Furthermore, your ongoing medications have to be declared and be made known to your doctor.

The discovery of A2M’s potential role in slowing the progression of osteoarthritis and arthritis is rather new. Thus, it can be difficult to find clinics or physicians offering A2M injections. What you can do is to start with specialist doctors online who have already established a good reputation for providing regenerative medicine.